Body Shape Clothing Styles

Clothing Examples 

Rectangle Body Shape 
Complimenting Clothing Style

Inverted Triangle Body Shape 
Complimenting Clothing Style

Pear Body Shape
Complimenting Clothing Style

Hourglass Body Shape
Complimenting Clothing Style

What is your Body Shape?

Clothing Styles that Compliment your Shape

Rectangle Shape

 Straight waist and narrow hip shapes want to 
add fullness around the hips and upper body.

Wear semi-fitted clothing with pleats, ruffles 
or gathers to achieve the illusion of curves.   

Inverted Triangle Shape

Broad shoulders and narrow hip shapes want 
to balance the upper body with the lower body. 

Wear pleated skirts, pants and dresses belted at the waist with wide strapped halters or semi-fitted shirts with sleeves landing below biceps.  

Pear Shape 

Full lower body shapes with narrow shoulders want 
to add width to the upper body to balance shape.

Wear a-line dresses or straight cut pants with broad shouldered designed shirts, blazers or sweaters.

Hourglass Shape

Balanced upper and lower body shapes want to 
define the waist to accentuate the hourglass curves. 

Wear clothing with balanced fullness on the upper body 
and lower with a belted or accented waistline.

Textured Scarves

Feminine Flare

A whimsically scarf easily transforms an ordinary outfit perfectly.  

Tiered layers and ruffles combined with a few colors adds a feminine accent.

Solid colored textured scarves easily accentuate a casual outfit.  

An interesting ruffled scarf makes a fashionable feminine statement.    

Adding a Touch of Style

Versatile Scarves

Twist a patterned scarf around the neckline 
to add color, texture and design interest. 

Give an outfit a punch of bold color with 
a simple draping of an attention grabbing scarf.  

Add an oversized delicate textured fabric scarf 
with tasseled extensions to create a feminine accent. 

Scarves are a must have accessory. They easily pull colors together, add color, texture, and patterned designs easily transforming an ordinary outfit.

Necklace Layering

Add a splash of color and texture with several 
pieces of turquoise jewelry to dress up an 
otherwise simple solid colored ensemble 
and transform into WOW!  
Combine several styles, colors, shapes and designs for visual interest.  

Nail Polish Trends

Feminine Art Designs

Ulyana Sergeenko

Elegant Gowns

photo by Nick Suhkevich
The draping of this form fitting gown with the 
ruffled length and extension combined with the 
romantic buttoned downed detail leaves one 
breathless. Absolutely gorgeous! 

Heart Shaped Face

Haircut Tips

Tip One: Avoid center part hairstyles. Wear a straight bang or side sweeping bangs.  

Tip Two: Look for haircuts with fullness around the chin and neck area and less fullness around the cheeks to detract from width. 

Tip Three: Sleek inverted bob hairstyles that fall at the chin or just below. 

Tip Four: Curly bob hairstyles with the volume  located near or below the chin area. 

Elongated and Triangular Shaped Face

Haircut Tips

Tip One: Wearing hairstyles with fullness around the shoulders shortens an elongated face shape and adds fullness to narrow chins.

Tip Two: Inverted bobs or undercut hairstyles that fall just below jawline gives the illusion of a more oval shaped face. 

Tip Three:  Avoid high volume in the crown area add fullness to the sides of a hairstyle.  

Round Shaped Face

Haircut Tips
Tip One: Wearing sharp angular cuts around the ears draws attention to this area and away from the fullness of the cheeks adding a linear dimension to a round shaped face. 

Tip Two: Long sleek hairstyles with the length ending below the shoulders narrows the width of a round face and elongates.   

Tip Three: Sweeping side bangs with minimal volume on the crown draws attention to the eyes and away from the fullness of cheeks. 

Tip Four: Wispy short or long haircuts diminishes fullness and adds softens to circular shaped faces.   

Square Shaped Face

Haircut Tips

Tip One: Look for haircuts with side wispy bangs to add soften and movement around the forehead.This will draw attention to the eyes and away from jawline.

Tip Two: The length of the hairstyle should fall either below the jawline or above. This will draw attention elsewhere and not accentuate or add more width to a square jaw.   

Tip Three: For long or short hairstyles add volume to the crown and wear length straight and sleek or short angled sides for short cuts.  

Dress Styles

Striking Fashions 

A striking combination of color and textured 
design with a trendy long necklace make 
this ensemble a definite head turner. 

Formal Up Do Hairstyles


This elegant up do hairstyle would compliment 
any bride beautifully or formal occasion. 

This polished low knotted bun is a sophisticated 
up do hairstyle perfect for any occasion. 

Popular Skirt Trends


Beautiful just below the knee softly detailed femininity. 
A conservative less full version of the tulle skirt.

For a more dramatic statement slip on a full tulle 
skirt and add some whimsical shoes. 

Polished Ensembles utilizing Accessories

Add a colorful scarf to easily pull together accenting shoes, belts and purses. 

Madonna started the jewelry and clothing layering trend which became a fashion frenzy among her many fans. The trend has returned! It's a great way to add interest, texture and color to an otherwise ordinary ensemble.  

Complimenting Hairstyles

Elongated and Triangular Facial Shapes

With a side tousled part and wispy bangs along with the fullness on the sides adding width, this haircut works for elongated facial shapes. 

This long layered tousled curly hairstyle that falls just below the shoulders is a perfect haircut for a narrow elongated facial shape.  

Haircuts for Heart Shaped Faces

Complimenting Haircut Styles

The length of this inverted wedge hairstyle adding fullness around the narrow chin of a heart shaped face along with the off-centered part make this haircut very complimentary. 

This shoulder length hairstyle of tousled curls adding width around chin makes this haircut extremely flattering for a heart shaped face. 

Haircuts for Square Shaped Faces

Complimenting Haircut Styles

The soft folding bangs together with the long 
length softens the square jawline. 

With the side tousled bangs and soft waves slightly below jawline this hairstyle compliments a square face shape perfectly. 

Haircuts for Oval Shaped Faces

Complimenting Haircut Style

Oval-shaped faces can wear pretty much any haircut, however, consideration of facial features should 
be taken into account. For example, if one has a 
large nose and does not want to accentuate it 
avoid wearing a center part. 

This shoulder length wavy hairstyle with side part and wispy 
half bang is a perfect haircut style for Barbara. 

Haircuts for Round Shaped Faces

Complimenting Haircut Styles

The wispy bang softens jaw line while the sharp
angled sides accents check bones. 

The long sleek length 
elongates her round shaped face perfectly. 

Facial Shapes and Complimenting Haircuts

What shaped face do you have?

It's important to consider the shape of your face before committing to a particular haircut. Some cuts will compliment your features while others will not. What shape do you have? 

Season Clothing Examples

Color Analysis

Autumn Season Color Palette

Spring Season Color Palette

Summer Season Color Palette

Winter Season Color Palette 

Ralph Lauren Gown

Elegant Gown
Absolutely gorgeous!
The combination of textures and fabrics.
So feminine, edgy and elegant.

What color Season are you?

Seasonal Color Pallets

Typically medium to dark brown eyes.
Natural hair color is warm brown tones.
Medium tone complexions.

Light brown, green or blue eye coloring. 
Natural hair color is light brown to dark blondes.
Medium to light complexions. 

Typically blue eyes but also dark brown eyes.
Natural hair color is either light or dark. 
Light or dark colored complexions. 

Dark brown eyes.
Natural hair color is medium brown to black shades.
Dark or medium tone complexions. 

It's a good idea to consult a trained color analysis for an accurate conclusion of what season you fall under. Wearing the correct shade and tone of color will enhance your natural beauty. 

My season is Autumn.
What's yours?