A Rainbow of Color or Selected Few?

Does your closet reflect a rainbow of color or a selected few? We all have our favorite colors and most often will gravitate to them whether purchasing clothing or decorative items. If we find ourselves wearing the same colors over and over should we force ourselves to choose a new color? And if we do, will the hanger in our closet wear the item more than ourselves?

I suppose in extreme cases of wearing one particular color it might be a good idea to venture out into another spectrum of color, however, not just randomly picking anything. There are colors that will compliment and other that won't. This brings me to the color wheel and theory behind the color analysis.

Colors are grouped together and categorized as seasons much like the colors displayed by nature throughout the year. Wearing the correct season of colors will enhance your physical features and beauty. So if you're looking to expand your wardrobe palette consider learning which season you fall under to make complimentary color choices.   Are you a Spring, Autumn, Winter or Summer? 

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