Unique Fashions 




Spring Fashions 

Oscar de la Renta

2014 Spring/Summer 

Jason Wu

2014 Spring/Summer

Gorgeous color, design and detail. 

Soft green with a touch of sparkle...beautiful dresses. 

Stylish simplicity, flimsy swaying fabrics and detail...gorgeous formal wear. 

Great stylish casual summer clothing...love! 

Necklace Layering

Making a Fashion Statement
Pearls and gold easily adds a formal accent to an ordinary outfit...love the textures, too. 

Combining pearls with a bold necklace easily adds a formal accent with style.

Drape a few tiers of rhinestone necklaces on for an elegant accent. 


Unique Functional Style

Functional style wrapped up in warmth...great winter addition to any wardrobe. 

Twisted textured design that's functional, too. 

Perfect layering of texture, whimsy and style.


High Fashion Style

Sexy high fashion accents for formal occasions.

Straps of leather makes for a bold powerful fashion statement. 

These stylish textured gloves boldly accents an outfit. 

Slip on some gloves and transform an outfit 
making a bold stylish fashion statement.

Contouring Makeup for Facial Shape

Application Guide 

Applying make up to compliment your shaped face. High-light where you want to accent and low-light where you want to diminish. Also choose the most complimentary haircut!  

Complimenting Hairstyles

Elongated, Triangular and Heart Facial Shapes 

Complimenting Hairstyles

Square, Round and Oval Facial Shapes

Complimenting Hairstyles

Square, Round and Oval Facial Shapes 

Classic Jean

Dress them up or down always stylish!

Scarf adds a touch of feminine texture and jacket historical flare...love this outfit!  

The pink leather jacket with an accenting gold/pink purse and heals creates a casual classy look.    

Combining healed boots with a hat and long blazer dresses up this casual look perfectly.