Nail Art

Stylish Polish Looks! 


Shape Designs 
Which shaped nail style do you like? 

Oval is a flattering shape for short or wide nail-beds. Shaping fingernails in an oval shape will give them an illusion of being more elongated and fingernails will look longer. 

Squoval is a cross between a square and oval shaped fingernail. Edges are less blunt than square nails and doesn't shorten nail-beds as the sharp edges of full square shaped fingernails.

Square shaped fingernails is a very popular style that compliments long slender fingers. 

Round shaped fingernails is a conservative style that's also more sturdy for hands on people. Great choice for larger hands as they will soft look. 

Almond or Pointed fingernail shapes have recently become more popular due to celebrities sporting this trendy look.  



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Eye Shapes

Complimenting Makeup Application

Almond Shaped Eyes 
Considered proportionately shaped eyes that any eye shadow application will compliment.  

Deep Set Eyes
It’s suggested to apply light shadows on the eye lid with a deeper color on or just above eye-shock crease blending color up and out. 

Hooded Eyes
A fold of skin hangs over the eye-socket which can be caused by hereditary or onset of age. Use matte colors not shiny reflective shades and keep shadow application simple using medium to dark shades.

Close Set Eyes
Use light shades of color on inner corners blending into darker colors on outer corner of the eye. If using liner apply to outer corners. 

Down Turned Eyes
Apply liner to upper lash line starting just before the center of eye to outside corner. Blend eye shadow on eye-socket crease and sweep out and up. 

Protruding Eyes
Use a medium to dark matte eye shadow on lid and slightly above eye-socket crease. 




Complimenting Haircuts
Long Full-Layered Hairstyle
Complimentary haircut for square, oval, elongated facial shapes. 

Side Parted Angled Haircut
Complimentary hairstyle for oval, square, heart facial shapes.

Long Pixie Cut
Complimentary hairstyle for square, oval, round, elongated and heart facial shapes. 

Medium Length Shag Haircut
Complimentary hairstyle for square, oval, elongated, triangular and heart facial shapes. 

Eye Shadow


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