High Fashion Style 

Gorgeous neckline detail...simply elegant. 

Soft feminine draping and a touch of simple detail...stunning! 

A classic black and glittering gold gorgeous gown. 

Jewelry Trend

Layered Style 
A few simple pieces of turquoise jewelry and silver. 

Combine a collection of different silver or gold necklaces for powerful fashion statement. 

Drape a collection of cross, beads and metals for a themed look. 

Bracelet Trend

Layering Style 
Combine a few silver or gold bracelets and charms for a fashionable statement. 

Purchase stacked bracelets for an easy way to add interest to an outfit. 

Turquoise and silver a classic combination...love it! 


Stylish Fashion 
Outrageous detail and style makes for a powerful fashion statement. 

Various feminine detail on the conservative side...classy style. 

Bathing Suits

Summer Style 


Stylish Fashion 
Gorgeous high fashion style...outrageous detail, texture and style! 

High fashion head turners! Gorgeous detailed, style and color. 

Love, love, love! High fashion power look with leather, touch of fur and whimsical flare. 


Formal Elegance 
Absolutely gorgeous! 

Love the shoulder and open back detail. 

(Gowns found @ Prom-dress-uk)

Jewelry Fashion Trends

Layered Style 
Gorgeous combination of silver, white, blue...and loads of textured interest! 

Gold and turquoise...elegant accent against a black or white outfit.

Gorgeous Purses

New 2014 Designs 
High fashion style! Gorgeous combination of color and detail. 

Matching accessories and shoes for a high fashion look...gorgeous! 

Bold color and outrageous high fashion detailed style...love it! 


Stylish Accents
Simple high fashion classic style perfect for all occasions. 

Gorgeous detailed leather and accenting chain strap for a casual high fashion look.  

Feminine chain detail, color and unique strap creates an elegant versatile purse. 


Stylish Detail 
Gorgeous high fashion leather detail and classic handle...love this! 

Outrageous high fashion whimsical style...texture, detail and flare...love it! 


Eye Shadow 
Stunning application of gray and soft mauve. An extremely complimenting color combination for green or blue eyes. 

Jewelry Layering

Stylish Fashion Trend
Pile on interesting silver and blue necklaces for a whimsical look. 

Combine earth-tone colored beads with blue...a popular and striking color combination. 

Jewelry Layering

Fashion Trend 
Hip jewelry fashion trend! Great collection of turquoise and silver necklaces. 

Stunning collection of textures and complimentary colors. 


Bridal Elegance 


Formal Elegance 

Jewelry Layering

Trendy Fashion 
Whimsical combination of color and texture...very girly. 

Casual combination of rustic style. 

Add an array of color by slipping on several stylish bracelets. 

Necklace Layering

Stylish Fashion Statement
Feminine combination of textures, color and whimsy...get addition with lace. 

Brown and turquoise is a popular color combination that adds a casual accent. 

Necklace Layering

Stylish Fashion Trend 
Turquoise combined with gold and textured interest...gorgeous! 

Start with a center focus point and add smaller pieces cascading down. 


Stylish Elegance 
Gorgeous detail! Great combination of body forming and whimsy. 

Soft feminine detail...lovely. 

(Gowns found @ Prom-dress-uk)


Elegant Styles