Gorgeous dresses by Oscar de la Renta

Jewelry Layering Ideas!

Layering on Pearls! 
Fantastic accent and fashion statement. 

Layering on aged silver works perfectly. 
Add a few simple beads, eye catching pendants and matching belt.

Wedding Gown Elegance!

Facial Shape Complimenting Hairstyles

Elongated Facial Shape
Flattering hairstyles for elongated facial shapes focus on volume around the crown or sides of face. 
Volume filled medium length haircuts or full long haired styles works best.  

Facial Shape Complimenting Hairstyles

Round Facial Shapes
Complimenting hairstyles on round shaped faces limits volume near jaw and chin. 
Keep hairstyles long and sleek or short with fullness around crown. 

Facial Shape Complimenting Hairstyles

Square Facial Shapes
Complimenting hairstyles for square facials shapes.
Also flattering on oval and round shaped faces.